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Christian documentary film makers Mark and Amber Archer join Dale and Ken to tell how they were called into this ministry, and about their first three films.

The first is about abortionist, Dr. George Klopfer, who said he believes in Heaven and hell and that he expected to go to heaven, where he would have a good time partying with “Uncle Adolf” Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. (Following Klopfer’s death, more than 2000 corpses of aborted babies were found in his home and in the trunk of his car.)

The second documentary revealed the shocking nature of sexual perversion being taught in our public schools, warping the minds of even the youngest children. Their most recent film exposes the nefarious nature of transgender brainwashing and its tragic effects.

The interview wraps up with Mark and Amber revealing their current projects. More information and trailers are available at Fearless Features


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