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The border crisis continues at the border and in communities across the country. The Biden Administration and Congress play politics with each other while millions of unvetted aliens pour across the border. The show’s guests are:

Tom Homan, the former director of Immigration & Customs Enforcement and current president of Border911, talks about how the Biden Administration wrecked border security and made America’s national security vulnerable.

Wade Miller, executive director of the Center for Renewing America and V.P. for Citizens for Renewing America, discusses the failed impeachment of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Gregg Cummings, conservative author and producer of “Continue the Mission” podcast in Iowa, talks about the state’s legislation to address illegal immigration in Iowa.

Texas state representative Brooks Landgraf from Texas House District 81 discusses his recent visit to the Texas/Mexico border and provides an update on the state’s efforts to address the border crisis.

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