Vassilios Damiras, Ph.D.

International Relations Expert

The U.S. has inaugurated a new national strategy to utilize force without risking casualties. U.S. military strategists prefer to arm the Ukrainian forces rather than send American troops. Also, they are focusing on new drone development to face new military challenges; however, still, if the U.S.A. wants to safeguard its national interests across the globe, that means deployment of troops in some cases.

The U.S.A. must develop new, more robust strategies to face and defeat Russian, Chinese, and Iranian aggressions. In Ukraine, a stalemate dominates the battlefield. Ukraine is the European Alamo. In the Middle East, Israel is fighting to survive and save Western Civilization from Hamas, Iran, and other Islamic threats. China challenges Pax Americana in South China and Taiwan—the U.S.A. must develop a strong military presence in these regions, strengthen the Anglo-American alliance, and enhance this alliance with Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, and, to some extent, India. The newly enlarged NATO can protect the American national interests in Europe and the wider region; the U.S.A. must remain the sole superpower for global prosperity.


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