Andrew Burnstine – Retail Matters

It’s too soon to say whether Apple’s Vision Pro will become the next must-have device, but that isn’t stopping fashion and beauty companies from diving in and creating apps for it.

The Vision Pro releases at a cost of $3,499, and among those offering apps at launch are Mytheresa, J.Crew and E.l.f. Cosmetics. The companies all created their apps, which are free to download, in partnership with Obsess, a creator of virtual stores that said it’s currently working with a number of other brands on dedicated apps for the Vision Pro.

The device is widely seen as a test of whether Apple can do for headset computers what it previously did for smartphones with its introduction of the iPhone in 2007. The product blends augmented and virtual reality, allowing users to layer digital objects over the physical world or inhabit a fully virtual space. Apple calls it “spatial computing.” In January, pre-orders of the device sold out, with one analyst estimating total orders of 160,000 to 180,000, though demand could wane, the same person warned.


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