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My wife, Sheila, and I started in 2019 with R&S Tactical Emporium LLC, selling ammunition, guns, and tactical gear online and at Missouri gun show productions. Like the old saying, it was all going well, until it wasn’t. I made a terrible decision to bring on a 3rd partner.  He was less than honest, so we parted ways after losing $24k to him. The gun buying trade hit a slow spot and we had to close the physical store to reduce overhead, only to have the ATF audit and threaten to revoke my license over a few clerical errors over 2 years.  I surrendered FFL to avoid that, and I called a good friend of mine and started my own sales rep agency, which is still in the folds for larger government contracts.  After a bit, I was eager to regain my license and resume custom-building ARs. I’m on the path towards that but starting to slow this time.  We start online and go from there.

Well-Armed Citizens LLC is a bit more than just another online gun store. I also will be running a blog, teaching about the products, how to use, survival techniques, homesteading, political discussions, and Constitutional educational material.  More or less will be selling to grow the blog. Too many people out here have no idea of their rights they even have any.  I’ve studied politics and our way of governing.

That is where we are today. Everything but firearms is offered on our website, including legal flame throwers and 37mm grenade launchers. Welcome to Well Armed Citizens LLC.




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