Commentary by Joe Murray

I’m just sitting back and watching all the happenings in the world.  Having studied history and politics and been involved in two Presidential campaigns in the ancient days, I just try to think like those in the arena are thinking.  Just take my musings lightly but think about them yourself.


The Democrats have had a problem with Biden for three years since he is surely in early to mid-stage dementia.  He has been their pronounced candidate for reelection but there have been many stories written about the angst at the DNC and great anxiety generally about his candidacy.  They have stayed with his candidacy despite the immense damage he, his controllers and the Obama staff working with him have done to the nation.

Now that Special Counsel, Mr. Robert Hur has published his nearly 400-page report after investigating Biden for retention of highly secret and confidential documents since he was in the Senate and as VP which is blatantly illegal.  The incredible damage that Hur’s Report has done to Biden indicates that there is now little to no chance for Biden to be the Democrat candidate after the DNC convention.

SO, what the hell do they do?

First, many of the predictors are holding with Governor Newsom of California who has done such a horrible job there that corporations and people are exiting California at a rate never before seen in history.  He is still the most likely replacement if you listen to talking heads and comments from some Democrats, but he would be weak against Trump because of his failures in California.

IF Biden were to be removed from office by his Cabinet (Amendment 25) or be impeached in a situation where his removal would actually pass the Democrat Senate, the nation would be left with Harris who has the lowest approval rating.

Trump has won Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada at levels never before seen.  He is predicted to do the same in South Carolina next week, the home state of Ambassador Nikki Haley, his remaining Republican competition.  She has just issued a memo to all her supporters to not leave her before Super Tuesday in March.

All of that huge Trump support gives the Democrats the terminal willies.  As some articles have described it, “the Democrats are scared.”  Ok, even if scared, the Democrats must do something to produce a viable candidate.


1.. Nikki Haley, a prime graduate of the Globalist World Economic Forum Leadership Course in Davos Switzerland, is running her campaign largely funded by Democrat and “Never Trump” PAC monies.  Her supporters are largely Independent or Republican “Never Trumpers.”   Thus, she has a block of voting support behind her campaign.  She stated with much emphasis in the Oval Office when seated beside Trump that she would never run against her mentor but now she is.  During this campaign so far, she has made some torridly vicious statements about and insulting accusations against Trump with whom she once supposedly had a warm relationship.

2.. In my view, Haley herself to be disloyal and untrustworthy by her actions.  If she were to be solicited to change her coat to Democrat and be voted in as the Democrat candidate at the DNC convention, she would bring most, if not all, of her “Never Trump” supporters with her and since she is already being funded by Democrat, RINO, and Washington Uniparty PACs, all she’d be doing would be changing her party, which in this crazy political year may not do her much personal harm.  In my humble opinion (highly respected by me) recruiting Haley by the Democrats would be the smartest thing they could do to not be bulldozed to dust in November.

3.. Were that to happen, Trump would have a tougher road to the November election.  ALL of the Republican/Democrat/Independent/Marxist Trump hatred would be concentrated in the Democrat Party.  It would not necessarily defeat him, but it might make a Trump victory in November a close-run thing.

Just some thoughts, very late on a Friday night.


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