It Depends on the Interpretation

December 30, 2023Opinion No Comments

If you were posed the following question, what would you determine? It seems that the Democrats are perfectly fine with removing a Republican candidate from the ballots of several states’ presidential ballots. The reason, in their interpretation, this individual is guilty of creating an “insurrection.” Amazingly, this individual nor any other individual have been charged, … Read More

The Tidal Wave is Coming

December 28, 2023Commentary, Opinion No Comments

America this treasury borrowing of $500 Billion in just the first 3 weeks since October 1st, this increase is staggering!   Look at the federal debt and interest rate rising, as the cost of servicing the debt has completely exploded. Eclipsing all but two-line items of this treasury report and they are, Social Security Administration and … Read More

Another Solar Company Fails

December 21, 2023Commentary, News No Comments

Yet another benefactor of Biden’s efforts to transform the American way of life, looks to be on its way to failure. Northern California’s firm SunPower, an energy storage and solar power company, shares were down sharply following a SEC filing warning of “substantial doubt” about its ability to continue operating. To date, Biden’s Department of … Read More