The Democratic Machine Strikes Again

July 13, 2024Article, Commentary No Comments

By Murray Edwards The Democratic machine placed Joe Biden in the White House, during the last presidential election cycle. They couldn’t afford for Socialist Bernie Sanders to win. Now that their secret is out that Biden is no longer strong enough to win reelection, they have gone into hyperdrive in an attempt to remove Biden. … Read More

Democracy or Republic?

June 30, 2024Article, Commentary No Comments

By John Sophocleus Dr. Franklin didn’t answer, “You have a democracy – as long as you can keep it!” in Philadelphia after closing the Constitutional Convention. The Framers and Delegates understood the ills and ends of all democracies, devoutly to be avoided. No matter how many times this poor nomenclature is bantered about by corrupt politburo … Read More

The Biden Job Market

June 10, 2024Article, Commentary, News, Opinion No Comments

Look a Little Deeper By Murray Edwards Last week the latest job report came out, admittedly, it was slightly higher than expected at 272,000 new jobs. However, the unemployment rate ticked up to 4%, the job participation rate dropped to 62.5% and the U-6 unemployment rate which takes into effect those underemployed, individuals discouraged looking … Read More

California’s $20-Dollar Minimum Wage

June 9, 2024Article, Commentary, Opinion No Comments

By Murray Edwards As California’s Governor Gavin Newsom’s $20-dollar minimum wage for restaurants kicks in, the business community is reacting. Over 10,000 jobs have been cut, workers are being shifted to part-time and far worse, restaurants are shutting down and those that are financially able are making their plans to exit the state of California. … Read More

Has Biden had a Epiphany?

June 4, 2024Commentary, Opinion No Comments

By Murray Edwards After 3 ½ years in office, Biden decides it’s time to do something about the immigration situation. He is expected to sign an Executive Order sometime on Tuesday before he heads off the Europe for D-Day celebrations. Reports are, that once the average daily encounters at the ports of entry hit 2,500, … Read More