Article by Victoria Lee Scott

What is the deadly wound that keeps the Jewish State from winning its battles today?

Let’s first look at how things have changed, it does seem as if in a very short period of time that the whole world is against the Jewish State. Israel responded in striking back after the brutal attack on October 7th, 2023. Focused on Hamas and the serious backlash because of the barbaric nature of what they did, and the restraint that Israel has expressed.

Yet we now see Germany has shown support for Israel, this in turn might give them a much better place standing in the Middle East, that they so desire now.  The right response to the Hamas attacks has helped push Germany past Britian to become Israels closet ally in Europe.

In the past Israel has shown to have won great victories against many who were stronger than Hamas!  So why then does Israel fail to conquer them?

Is there a serious hidden wound that Israel has endured, a nation so to speak suffering a deadly wound, and a question from whom does Israel seek help at this time?

It has become so obvious worldwide of the hatred for the Jews, also with much resentment for the Jewish Nation, and still many wishes to conquer their land. Needing to look deeper here at Israels wounds that have been recently suffered.

We can examine for ourselves the bloodstained homes of Southern Israel and the rubble we witness now throughout Gaza.

In this I mean that the remedy sought after does not heal the wound, it is the wound!

Israel may soon recognize its own deadly wound, in this I spoke before, they will seek help from Germany, but Germany will not be able to heal this wound. Scripture does show that they will do much of the opposite that is expected. Germany is now supporting Israel even though antisemitism runs rampant, showing the old spirit is still alive and has a life of its own today.

The Jews however are desperate for peace but is seems that they do not know the way, as for negotiating or surrender is not the direction that has been laid before Israel.

Israel itself fails to realize that the solution is faith, faith in God, the same way they won their nation in the beginning!

Knowing that in faith the believer has insight that there will be no end to the increase in governments or peace until the Lord establishes his kingdom here on earth, with its headquarters in Jerusalem, in this I trust….

Debate welcomed….

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  • Thank you for this insight. It definitely provides food for thought. My gut feeling is that a tremendous amount of divine intervention is inevitable.

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