Article by Victoria Lee Scott

What is it, and how close are we to its completion?

 Must we ask?

As it is becoming clear just what was the former administration’s agenda?

It does seem as if Barrak Obama’s plan for America in his fundamental transformation is in full swing, and yet no one seem to ask just what is the fundamental transformation of America?

It reminds me of Nancy Palosi in saying: we won’t know what is in the bill, until we pass it, remember that?  My fear is that one day soon America will begin to see how far from our original foundation in that we have not grown, but have destroyed, leaving a generation that was not given the knowledge in the teaching of this country’s history enough to fight for it, so sad to say, they only know one side of our American history, therefore they will have no fight for it.

Unfortunately, American children have been taught for the last few decades that America are oppressors, but in all actuality and history proves it that we are liberators. Power and money have corrupted the world, and, in this America, I see one last chance to save our republic.

Donald J. Trump a man who was President of The United States was held hostage and unable to govern because of his constant fight against the made-up Russia/Gate. Which in turn tied him up unnecessarily it hurt him and the American public, with lock-downs, masks, COVID mandates, censorship and most of all the weaponization of the federal government in pointing toward its own citizen’s, our churches, schools and even our words, America will begin realize how deep a hole we have dug ourselves into, once we begin to dig out, and just how un-American we have become.

The destabilization of America is real, and it is our new reality.

Who remembers “never let a good crisis go to waste, and creating chaos but they as always fail to realize that “In God We Trust” and in the Lord’s time out of chaos will come order.

It is now our time America to choose the outcome of this new order of America standing alone or falling into place with The New World Order. Each and every one of us as Americans should ponder deeply the answer to this question, for we must take a stand together as The United States of America for the foundation upon which it was built.

America for one now stands waiting for either evil or the Supreme Court to determine whether America survives as a Republic, or even if it shall survive at all.

They promise the freedom, but they themselves are slaves of corruption (2 Peter 2:19) for whatever overcomes a man, to that he is enslaved.



  • I agree and appreciate your insight regarding the pulse of our nation. Your voice and meaningful reflection is genuinely valued and I pray we all WAKE up before it’s too late!

  • So true Victoria. You have been saying this for many years and here we are today. Thank you for continuing to contribute to the “Awakening of America!”

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