By Victoria Lee Scott

“Broken” this is what happens when you continually bend to the point of breaking. In the result of trying to break an unbreakable truth, we find it broken. America is now learning on a large scale what happens when we try to change, or when we disregard truth.

Have you noticed that the foundation of our society, in our courtrooms themselves, which were specifically designed to reveal the truth, Americans are now witness to some rather politically motivated lies, those that we are expected to accept even when told under oath.

Yet exposed to the same problem of truth from our network studios, with the selection of certain information, the omitting of other important information, and the adding in of false information, to distort the truth.

One can not only hear, but can see for themself that if we pursue truth, or bend the truth “so what if the President of the University steals work and lies about it?” Still, should she be an overseer in the education of some of our nation’s brightest students? Blurring the truth by saying “So what?”

America can now see for themselves that there is no shame in lying today! It is of the opinion that people simply do not care, my truth, your truth, information overload, instant gratification, an explosion in technology that now enables us to circulate information true or false at lightning speed, with ease, most people never read the material that goes along with its headline! Columbia University, before its recent uprising, did interesting research study and found that 6 out of 10 links on social media are shared without the sharer reading the article, so how do we share news that we do not fully understand, let alone verify it!

This shows us to the fact that we are not free to believe what we know as true, but this then opens us up to believe whatever authorities or others to decide what is truth.

This social so-called truth is using steps to silence all those who rightfully disagree. When truth itself is defined by whomever holds power, from history we learn that not only do lies prevail, but along with that comes tyranny.

When the people are in control of the government we have liberty; when the government is in control of the people, we have tyranny!

Society today barley acknowledges the existence of evil, let alone the devil. In order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes (2 Corinthians 2:11). Know your enemy.

As the devil’s influence increases, so does fakery and lies.

This world lives in deceit through this deceit we find that it is meant to distance us from our God. Lies shackle us and the truth shall make you free (John 8:31-31).

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