Article by Victoria Lee Scott

While the world has been distracted, Iraq has as predicted fallen to Iran! The world finds itself focused on the war between Israel and Hamas, bit there is another deadly front going basically unreported.

You see there is a conflict going on between world powers, who you ask?

It is the United States of America and Iran, and the battleground is Iraq, all this is done by precise design. The Houthis in Yemen have disrupted Israel bound trade in the Red Sea. Let’s not forget that the Houthis overthrew the internationally recognized pro-American government of Yemen in 2015 and in that gained control. In this they now control most of Northern Yemen, this includes much of the Red Sea coastline.

Also claiming more than 100 attacks on US targets in Iraq and Syria. And yes, America has made attacks in response, and it is what Iran calls “axis of resistance” within its 200,000 soldiers to push America out.

Showing just how much, they are fighting for Iran, showing their subservience to Iran. Look closely here now in all of society, government, politics, economics and the military all this shows that Iraq has fallen to Iran.

Since 2003 with the US invasion of Iraq, exposing this to be one of America’s longest military operations, which all became the property of Iran. Does America realize today that by taking out Saddam Hussien, who was the only leader that Iran feared!

But now that the United States has taken him out of the way, America finds itself out of strength to guard the spoils of war, so in return America has cleared the way for Shite Iran to rule over Shite Iraq………….

We now see that Iraq has fallen to Iran.

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