Article by Murray Edwards

It’s bad enough when Congress can’t seem to get their act together when budget time rolls around every year. It almost never fails that CRs are used, then they finally pass a Minibus or worse a huge Omnibus spending bill, that few, if any, ever take the time to review.

What’s worse, are the “pet projects, pork, or earmarks”, whatever you want to call them, that Legislators include within these bills.

Both sides are guilty, Democrats, who are seldom interested in reducing spending, but then we have House Republican lawmakers who advocate for reducing federal spending to bring down the budget deficit now defend the use of earmarks.

The spending bill that Congress passed includes $13 billions of them.

There were about 6,000 earmarks taking up 605 pages in the minibus spending package that passed. The package contains 6 appropriations bills.

Rand Paul’s office identified 10 earmarks that caught his attention, including:

$4 million for a “waterfront walkway” in New Jersey.

$3.5 million for “Detroit’s Thanksgiving Parade float maker’s new headquarters.”

$1.75 million for the Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) located in New York City.

$1 million for an “environmental justice center” in New York City.

$500,000 to be put toward gardens in San Francisco.

$1 million to a non-profit organization in Minnesota to “build a coffee shop and a greenhouse for refugees.”

$1 million in assistance for San Francisco organic dairy farmers. 

$500,000 in funding for a “cybercrime vehicle” in the Honolulu police department.

$1.2 million for “bike path resurfacing in Rhode Island.”

$209,000 for “HVAC replacement for the Charles Town Opera House” in West Virginia.”


Few in Washington care where and how they spend your tax dollars.

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