Article by Victoria Lee Scott

It is time, and well overdue for the United States to rediscover the wisdom in our American history. Our true history of America has been in many ways shattered, and it might not be put back in the same way, yet great things are not made but remade for a new generation of eyes and ears.

Many have been misdirected, and in some cases turned off completely. I’ve grown-up turned around and the realization of just how much America has been dumbed down. Feeling that it is my generation’s responsibility in accepting that we fell short of instilling imagination, excitement, and discipline in our American history.

We were once seen and well respected as the land of hope, but how can we hold on to hope knowing how the heard voice perishes, but the written letter remains, only if it is acknowledged by its reading. Past generations have been blinded by the word, replaced by the screen and its own version through digital technology.

However, the land of hope and all glory did not pay close attention to the constant dumbing down at the simplest of reading levels. In this we can now observe the complexity of the loss of excitement in our own American history, and our own humanity. Looking at the whole of America not as a land, but as an idea, an idea of a great nation, a nation with principles which comes with equality and in that, liberties.

These battles that have been fought here today become the focus of our national life. American history and America’s ideas should be lived as one, united. America from its inception has pushed beyond ideas and principles because we are all human beings of free will and hope and this is what visions and life’s paths are built upon. Soul reaching and not necessarily in material terms or conditions.

Americans need to reexamine what it is to be an American, to believe in its status, which grants us the gift of hope. Without this understanding, America cannot govern itself.

 Our American history has been shattered into a thousand pieces, we must sift through the ideological baggage that has distracted young Americans and reteach that the past is our greatest asset, if learned from.

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