By Joe Murray

I think the bigger concern is who’s running the Presidency because it does not appear to be Biden.  With all the baggage how did he even win the primary? He’s the best candidate the Dems could come up with???

Not just Biden but the whole thing appears to be a threat. If someone is running the country other than Biden that’s an issue.

There is a cabal of communist globalists Who are running the United States.

It certainly includes people like Barack Obama, the Clintons, George and Alex Soros, Klaus Schwab from the WEF, Vladimir Putin, Certain corporate leaders in New York and elsewhere, who are willing to sell out the United States for power and money, a large number of senators and representatives who are willing to sell out the United States for power and money, and Strategic Elements of the Chinese communist party that have been warring against the United States for the past 20 to 30 years very secretly, very stealthily, very quietly, under the disguise of friendship.

JR Biden is merely their puppet.

With over 10 million illegal immigrants plus somewhere between two and 4 million got-a-ways that have come across our southern border in the last 3 1/2 years, along with the collapse of our educational system for the last two or three decades and Democrat policies and laws along with long hateful dissertations in Democrat controlled media, they have accomplished fracturing American citizens into mutual hate groups.

Regardless of how you feel about Donald J Trump as President again in 2025, for anyone who has studied the accurate history of our exceptional nation, he is the only one available to block what they’re doing and to bring our national ship of state back on an even keel.  If JR Biden is put in office again in 2025, my opinion is that the United States may be well and truly finished and destined to be under a full tyrannical government.

History teaches us the incredible danger our United States faces today and in November.



  • It is my belief that we are in the midst of a very well orchestrated plan. I could not agree more with the content of this article. Thank you for sharing.

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