The El Conservador Show with George Rodriguez, March 23, 2024

The Border Crisis continues with an impact on American communities away from the border. The Texas law SB-4 is being challenged by the Biden Administration instead of doing everything possible to help Texas secure the border.

Our guests are Martin Randy Clark, a Breitbart reporter who provides an update on the Border Crisis on the Texas-Mexico border.

Sheriff Allen Castleberry from Kimble County, TX, talks about the impact of illegal immigration on his county and the challenges in SB-4 enforcement.

Tori Branum, Georgia resident and business owner, talks about Georgia’s response to illegal immigration and illegal alien criminals in the wake of the murder of a female student.

Brent Smith, an attorney for Kinney County, TX, discusses the politics surrounding SB-4 and why it is needed in his border county.

El Conservador is sponsored by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). For more information, visit


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